Work Packages

The Data FAIRport program will consist of the following workpackages:

- WP1 - Detailed plan of approach & funding strategy. WP1 will focus on producing a detailed Plan of Approach for the process towards the September deliverables and beyond (assuming a positive decision to move forward). This WP will include read more

- WP2 - Key Stakeholders & Advocacy. WP2 will focus on developing a strategy for engagement and alignment of the visions of Enablers and onboarding of stakeholders. It needs to produce a read more

- WP3 – Tech exemplars. WP3 will focus on developing one or more exemplars to be presented during the RDA meeting in September 2014. Aspects needing attention include read more

The figure to the right summarizes the proposed roles of all participants in the various WP’s. A number of people that have a more ‘endorsing’ and ‘objective’ role form a ‘Review Committee’ rather than having an active role in any of the WP’s. This is to safeguard objectivity, undue emphasis on pet approaches and technologies, and most importantly, the guidance towards a Data FAIRport that really serves the needs as defined in ELIXIR, NCO/BD2K and SciELO, but is also workable for (data) publishers.

In terms of managing the 3 WP’s we would like to propose to define a dual team of ‘drivers’ focused on the scientific and external aspects as well as on the organisational and internal aspects. Each WP is supported by a ‘secretarial’ or a ‘CTO type’ team. The sounding board will progressively review the output of the various WP’s and the ‘responsive’ team (bottom of picture 2) will ‘translate’ the progressive insights into governance, organisation and financial consequences.